Preis & Leistung

"Hi Christina and Kamal,

Just wanted to thank you again for your fantastic hospitality.
Staying at your camp was truly and absolutely the best thing I
experienced in Egypt; you went above and beyond in your generosity and
hospitality and I am so appreciative.  I have also been memorizing the
Arabic vocabulary.  Thank you for spending time with me and everything
you shared and did to make my time relaxing and enjoyable.  Your
generosity did not go unrecognized and I tell everybody what a great
time I had at your camp and how accommodating you were when I had a
hard time.  I hope to come back to Egypt and go directly to Soft

Jaime (the American girl who tried to take the ferry) 
email received September 16th, 2012

Eva Pajorin, Stuttgart, living in Taba/Egypt, 26.02.2011

"beautiful, hot weather, great atmosphere, amazing holidays! 4 weeks paradise and still haven't got enough of it

 Viola Cinzia, Milano, Italy, 21.10.2010

''Dear Christina and Kamal,

we write to you to say thank you for your kindness during our holidays in SoftBeachCamp. We enjoyed our time. See you soon again.

Cinzia und Alessia from Italy.''

Hannah Cooper, 08.01.2010

"Dear Christina and Kamal!

My name is Hannah and I am a 24 year old girl who lives in Cairo. I came to Softbeach for the first time in September and fell in love with the place. I came back for Christmas and stayed 6 days. I'm writing you to tell you THANK YOU! Thank You for making Softbeach a place I can call home. Everyone was so friendly, loving and happy to be living. I felt alive at Softbeach. I appreciate all of your hard work and dedication to make Softbeach such a wonderful place. I cannot tell you THANK YOU enough! You guys are wonderful people in this world."

Agi Bizony, Kim Angiolini, Leanna Russell, Anya, Yummie, Matteo and Luca, London, England, 11.11.2009

"Hello Christina, Kamal and all the lovely people from Softbeach

Just a big thank for your friendliness, hospitality and helpfulness, it has brought us back the second time, and I am sure it won't be the last.
It was such a superb experience for all of us but especially for the kids, who have been permanently Sina-ised.
Lots of love from all of us, Agi"

Lisa Hogh, Kopenhagen, Denmark, 28.10.2009

"Thanks for a wonderful week. Nice place and a very friendly staff. I will come back, until then take care of each other and keep smiling."

Steve Willers, Switzerland, lives and works in Alexandria, Egypt, 21.10.2009

"This is the BEST place in Sinai, you'll love it. Think it's time to pay you a quick visit soon, inshallah."

Isabel Sousa, Portugiesin, in Berlin lebend, Deutschland, 23.06.2009

"Tolles Camp, tolles Essen, alle supernett".

Mirjam Hirsch, Köln, Deutschland, 23.05.2008

"Dear Christina and Kamal,

By this way I want to thank you both for your hospitality & friendship I found in your place. Friendship is a kind of love which has a high value among human beings and a bridge between all the different individuals who are all the same. you and me ..."

Hossam, Cairo, Egypt, 08.02.2008
"Softbeach is the best place for me in Sinai. I have been to many places in Dahab and Nuweiba but I never found anywhere what I have found in Softbeach. Here I can have all what I need. Great hospitality, friendly staff, good tasty food, relaxation from my stressy life in Cairo. It's my little paradise and became my second home since I've been here for the first time two years ago. Thank you so much, Kamal and Christina, to give me the feeling beeing part of the family."
Saef, Cairo, Egypt, 10.02.2008
"I have been to Softbeach many times with my friends from Cairo and we always enjoyed it. This time I came with my wife Hint to spend our honeymoon in Softbeach. Hint could never imagine to stay one day in a camp. She was used to Hotels. When we arrived and she walked along the beach she breathed in deeply and sayed: "That was the right decision to come here." Thanks to Kamal and Christina to make my honeymoon with Hint so special."
Elinor, Mai-Britt, Palle und Henriette, Kopenhagen, Dänemark, 05.01.2008

"European people work hard to make their living. The money we earn is gone in a minute to pay our everyday life. Our daily life is busy and full of obligations. And you don't get much in return for all your hard work. Just a place to live and to pay for it.

Do you know the feeling to be treated like a VIP or a Royal? A thought in your mind of longing, to go to a place where everybody wants to make  t h i s  day a special day - just for you? If you need something, somebody will get it for you. If you want to go somewhere, somebody will arrange it for you. If you want to talk, somebody will talk to you. If you want to be left alone, you will be left alone. If you need to sleep, you can sleep. If you want to party, you can party. You will have no obligations at all! No stress, no busy thoughts in your mind. For Europeans this sounds like heaven, right?

We have found this heaven on earth, SoftbeachCamp is just like this! Kamal, Christina and their staff will do everything to make this dream come true!

We are going there again and again and we will never stop. It feels like coming home and when we are not there we are longing to get back. We cannot express in words how much we love this place and the people living and working there. You have to have been there to really understand.

Best regards from Palle, Elinor, Mai-Britt and Henriette."

Tabea Ester Haueis, Konstanz, Deutschland, 18.06.2006

"Das erste Mal war ich 1997 im "Soft Beach" in Nuweiba. und seitdem bin ich jedes Jahr einige Zeit dort. Dieses Stückchen Erde hat es mir seither angetan - hier kann ich zur Ruhe finden bei mir selber wieder ankommen. Die Wüste, das Meer und nicht zuletzt die Begegnung mit netten Menschen helfen mir dabei. "Gott sei Dank" gibt es noch solche Orte wo der übliche "Verbraucher Tourismus" noch nicht Einzug gehalten hat".


Michael, Deutschland, 12.09.2006

"Aufgebrochen um den Nahen Osten kennenzulernen kam ich nach gut 5 Wochen Syrien und Jordanien in diesem wunderschönen Camp an. Für alle, die nach oder während eines Middle East Trips etwas Energie tanken wollen ist dieses Camp genau das richtige. Eine wahre Oase für Individualtouristen, die vor allem durch die Freundlichkeit des Teams und das Stück wunderbaren Strand begeistert".


Shenja, Tanja, Andre, Dresden, Deutschland,  27.02.2007

"Wie das Multitalent Said einst sagte "That's your home". Recht hat er. Wir lieben Euch!


Ulrike Reisner, Gleißenfeld/Österreich, 09.04.2007

"Orientalisches Flair mit deutscher Gründlichkeit! Habe mich sofort daheim gefühlt, nur dass es bei mir nicht so ruhig ist (Autobahn, Zug usw.) MFG Uli


Susanne Rashba-Levy, Aner, Achik und Joni, Tel-Aviv, Israel, April 2005

"To Kamal

We wish you very good luck for your enterprise! The place is wonderfully clean. Nobody has sparkling ashtrays like you - and the mint tea is served within seconds and a neverending smile. May every step your feet make be rewarded with another piece of your dreams. Good luck."


Heather, Manchester, England, 27.August 2005

"Kamal, Christina, Ali, Spaghetti and the dogs oops! and the cats

Wow! how to begin, when i arrived I was smacked, overwhelmed, a tropical paradise! I took pictures for 15 minutes. This feeling did not wain, indeed it grew. This morning the sun rose over the mountains of Saudi Arabia, and it was the candle on the cake!

Your kindness, hospitality and friendlyness is second to name. My 5 days here seem like forever. Thank you so much for a wonderful stay".


Henritte Larsen, Kopenhagen, Dänemark, 20.11.2005

"Dear Christina + Kamal!

Thank you very much for five really relaxing days. SoftBeach was just the right place for me.Everyone here create a special energy. Calm, relaxed and friendly. You gave me the feeling being part of the family. Smile and kindness everywhere. See you all very soon. As I wrote in an sms to DK the other day - if there is paradise, this is very close. Only the flower is missing".


Marianne, Brigitte, Barbara, Helmuth, Renate, Gisela, Marcus, Chrissi, München, Deutschland, 02.11.2005

"Dear Christina, dear Kamal,

Twelve people spent 10 days here in your wonderful camp, doing t'ai chi, listening to the waves, the wind and the silence, trying to understand and speak this foreign arabic/egypt language. We enjoyed your kindness, your offered friendship and an excellent food and service. We felt like in djanna - al hamdullilah".


Randy Fritz, Marco, Silke Schmitt und Thorsten Stammer, Marion Keller und Rolf Schmidt, Tatjana Apiaris und Thomas Miltz, Christine und Uwe Wartner, Jana und Matthias Miltz, Deutschland, 07.09.2006

"Für Kamal, Christina, das Soft-Beach-Team sowie alle Tiere

Mit offenen Armen habt Ihr uns aufgenommen, sind ziemlich erschöpft hier angekommen. Die Ruhe ließen wir in uns fließen, konnten jeden Augenblick genießen. Wir fühlten uns sicher und geborgen, vergaßen unsere Alltagssorgen! Eure Gastfreundschaft ist nicht in Worte zu fassen, Ihr habt keine Wünsche offen gelassen! Die Wertschätzung, die Ihr uns rübergegeben, werden wir versuchen in unserem Alltag auch zu leben. Ganz liebevoll einen Wüstentrip organisiert, wir waren alle fasziniert. Stille Meditation, festhalten und schreien, Ali ließ uns nicht allein. Wir konnten soviel in der Wüste lassen, als wir zurückkamen, konnten wir es selber nicht fassen. Leicht und entspannt kamen wir zurück, konnten es selbst kaum fassen - dieses Glück! Ihr konntet erst wieder zur Ruhe gelangen, als Ihr gesehen habt, es ist uns gut gegangen. Voller Dankbarkeit möchten wir dieses Glück mit Euch teilen und werden in Gedanken, Wort und Tat immer wieder hier verweilen. Wir wünschen Euch von ganzem Herzen viel Glück und kommen ganz bestimmt auch wieder zurück".


Zeichnung unserer Gäste Ahmed Abdel Meguid, Hashem El Hawary, Ali Rifaa El Tahtawy und Yehia Shahin vom 26.02.2008